Our kiss
Was only a fragment
Of the poetry
Our love
Has yet to write

Mark Khaisman



[noun & adjective]

growth in response to moonlight; stimulated by moonlight.

Etymology: from Greek selēnē (moon) + -tropism (indicating a tendency to turn or develop in response to a certain stimulus, from tropos, “a turn”).

[Christian Schloe]


According to the Chantry, it is the hubris of men that brought the darkspawn upon the world. They teach that when the magisters of the old Tevinter Imperium entered the Golden City, their sin brought corruption to it. They were cast out, transformed into the hideous monsters known as darkspawn, and forced to flee the light of the sun, retreating into the Deep Roads, growing in number and digging deeper and deeper into the earth until they found the resting place of the Old God Dumat, where he had been imprisoned. Freed from his prison and warped by the taint the darkspawn bore, Dumat became the first of the archdemons and led the darkspawn to lay waste to the world.

Which is contradicted by Corypheus’ monologue; Cory & Co were tricked; the Golden City was black and corrupted already.  Speculating the magisters were manipulated into opening a gateway to allow an unknown quantity to directly strike at the sleeping Archdemons, firstly by commandeering physical numbers to dig and unearth the Archdemons, and secondly by tainting the Archdemons to serve further unknown purpose.

The terminology also makes me speculate: the use of the term Archdemon to define sleeping dragons/old gods.  Are they archdemons before being corrupted, or only after?  Were they literal Fade demons at some point, playing gods, and trapped on the wrong side of the Fade?  A door slammed shut on them at some point and locked them in Thedas instead of the Fade?

I keep thinking the end game will either have everyone in Thedas given magical ability (and the discovery will result in severe existential crisis and chaos per the Sul’dam / Damane of Wheel of Time), or will remove all magical ability and all magic (resulting in a giant “I told you bastards you needed us” as everyone realises exactly how dependent they were on Tevinter’s magic-driven defense, and the Qunari assume occupancy of all nations).




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From this moment on, you are a Grey Warden.


dude i’m gonna frickin hold your hand so hard it’s gonna blow your mind with how hecka rad my affection is

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